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Diagor Legacy

At Diagor, we continue the legacy of the legendary ancient Greek athlete, multiple times Olympic Champion Diagoras of Rhodes, who lived in the 5th century BC. Diagoras was considered the fittest and happiest person on earth.

Values of achievement, ambition, victory over your own limitations, are still the fundamentals of modern day Diagor.

Diagor - For The Ambitious

About us

Diagor was established in 2019 in London, United Kingdom. From the beginning we made a mark in the fitness industry with our quality equipment. It is being used in various gyms around the UK and EU.

Spending a few years crafting premium boxing and fitness equipment, in 2023 Diagor founder Arvy Andres decided to expand the brand mainstream and apply his 20 years experience in the sports and fitness industry to create a premium sportswear brand. 

First exclusive collection took 10 months to produce. 

Our aim is to connect the Technical Performance Sportswear with Modern Luxury Designs, which can look and feel great in the gym and in everyday life.

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